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"I had been spending thousands of dollars on a dated in-house setup for years that was as inefficient as it was costly. Medikin helped me find a solution."
Samuel Goldmann, MD
New York

Medikin Online – A Complete Medical Transcription Solution

After years of being the trusted technology provider for the Medical Transcription industry, Medikin has developed long-term relationships with thousands of transcription clients worldwide. From working with only the best clients, Medikin is able to offer only the highest quality medical transcription services to doctors, clinics and hospitals through established partnerships. The benefits we will provide are:

  • No Training Costs – Since Medikin Online is non-technical, user friendly and has easily accessible online help features, the headache of training and its associated costs is eliminated.
  • No set up costs – Being a completely web-based platform, Medikin Online does not necessitate the installation of special hardware or software, thus no capital or set up costs will be incurred by you.
  • Reduced administrative costs and overhead – Medikin Online leads to improved management and control of work distribution for both in house and outsourced transcription setups. In this way, the overall administrative costs or overhead are greatly reduced.
  • No change in Dictation style – Medikin Online can capture audio files dictated on different modes (Digital Recorders, In house dictation system, Toll Free Dictation Service and Safety Net), which again rules out any need to change your dictation style.
  • No change in transcription style – Medikin Online can be easily integrated with your in house transcription system and your outsourced MT vendor’s platform, resulting in no change to your transcription style.
  • One Stop Shop – If you purchase the full package of our ASP along with medical transcription services, you will realize huge economies of scale. We also guarantee over 99% document accuracy and same day to 24 hour Turn–Around–Time through our quality partners.
  • Confidentiality – Being a fully HIPAA compliant platform, Medikin Online relieves you from any confidentiality concerns, giving you peace of mind in knowing that the confidentiality of your records will never be compromised.
  • Security – 256 bit SSL encrypted data transmission, firewall protection, login and password authentication, IP tracking and blocking and e-Signature all ensure thel security of your dictations and transcribed reports.
  • Most competitive industry pricing – Medikin Online’s ASP can be acquired at a very competitive price. There are no service charges or minimum commitment levels as the system is entirely pay-as-you-go.
  • Customized Billing Basis – You can benefit from this feature as per your requirements.
  • Alerts and automatic email notifications – Alerts and timely notifications are sent to keep you up to date as to the files in the workflow and their associated deadlines.
  • Customer Support – 24/7 customer support is available

  • To find out more about how your needs can benefit from one of the most trusted names in the industry, and to receive a no-obligation price quote, contact us today at 866–MEDIKIN.

       Contact us at 866-MEDIKIN or info@medikin.com
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