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Thin Client Technology

Medikin Online offers secure, flexible and unlimited usage of a cloud-based transcription management system available from any Internet-connected PC. The foundation of Medikin's solution is a scalable, multi-tiered infrastructure powered by a robust application designed in PHP, CGI-Perl, Java, and ActiveX. With a clustered application design, we are able to easily scale our system to meet the needs and demands of large and small customers alike.

Access can be made available from any "Thin Client" computer containing no client software other than a standard Internet browser. This means there are no hardware or software requirements or limitations to access Medikin Online. There is no requirement of any special software for file creation or retrieval apart from Internet Explorer version 7.0 or newer.

Keeping the end user's client computer as "thin" as possible ensures optimum performance and operation even over low bandwidth connections. All the operations are done at the server side and that's why report queries are very fast and the client machine experiences the full power of our server.

These features are best used as an advanced three-tier architecture that employs the latest technologies available in software development and application hosting. In the Database Tier, Medikin has a SQL-driven database hosted on a server powered by a cluster of multi-processor CPUs. The Standby Server provides failsafe operation at the database tier, with all customer data being stored on an array of mirrored RAID drives.

In the Application Tier, Medikin employs a developed Java solution. The application servers are also powered by clusters of multi-processor CPUs. Automatic failover of the application is supported to ensure mission critical application reliability. Due to this unique design, additional servers can be deployed without any interruption of service.

In the Presentation or Web Tier, Java Server Pages (JSPs) are hosted on the Stronghold (Apache) Web Servers. The JSPs in the Presentation Tier retrieve XML data from the Application Tier and render the appropriate information to the specific client device on a standard browser.

This three tier hosting architecture also utilizes a completely failsafe and secure hosting network accomplished through redundant VLAN technology. Two levels of firewall, both of which are completely redundant, provide the ultimate in data security. This outstanding data center architecture provides the highest-level Application Services possible to any authorized user requiring access to the system.

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