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Your Benefits
  1. Huge Savings! - Your total savings can be as much as 50% or more compared to traditional methods.
  2. Global and Local Vision - Grow your business outside your local area and expand without any upfront capital expenditure with Medikin's Internet-based solution.
  3. Co-Branding - Provide the full features of an advanced ASP service under your own name with our private labeling model.
  4. True Digital Dictation - All modes of digital dictation are available with an online document archive and digital document delivery via the Internet, email, fax or directly to the hospital network.
  5. HIPAA Compliance - Medikin complies with HIPAA regulations in accordance with our HIPAA compliance policy.
  6. Flexibility - Hardware and software independence means maximum flexibility.
  7. Improved Management and Control - Better control and coordination in terms of work distribution and accuracy.
  8. Auto Email Notifications - Automatic email notifications for dictation upload and file-due notice if the dictation is not transcribed within the set time frame.
  9. Feedback - Automatic feedback from the client, which improves transcription accuracy.
  10. Online Billing - Online billing and management reports for your company as well as your clients.
  11. No Training - No training is required as there is no change in dictation or transcription practice.
  12. Online Help Features - Online help is available on each page, in addition to 24x7 support. These together make for an easy learning curve.


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