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Medikin Online Professional - An Easy-To-Use Web-Interface that fits your needs!

Medikin Online has fulfilled its commitment to deliver consistent, quality services resulting in significant cost reduction for our clients. We ensure you several direct and indirect savings, such as:

Direct Savings

  • Immediate Cash Savings – By eliminating your dependency on tapes and reducing your overall turn-around-time, you will realize significant cost savings, and increased revenues.
  • No equipment or software costs – Medikin Online is a web based platform, hence no equipment or software installation costs.
  • No maintenance contracts – There are no maintenance fees as Medikin Online takes care of safeguarding all server and maintenance issues.
  • Reduction of telephone charges by 75% or more.
  • Eliminates delivery costs – The costs of manual document delivery are virtually eliminated as document delivery modes (secured web interface, email, fax, on in house document management system via HL7 or XML coding) can be set as per your requirements.
  • Very low per minute ASP system charges – Medikin Online’s ASP system is available at very competitive prices. It decreases proportionately if you sign up for a high volume account.
  • Pay-as-you-go with no minimum billing or contractual term commitment – With a pricing policy of payment per usage and a customized billing feature, you only pay for exactly the services you use.
  • Reduced administrative costs – Improved control and management of audio and document files further reduces your administrative and overhead costs.

Indirect Savings

  • Works with existing hardware and software systems, thereby eliminating hassle and costs associated with hardware and software changes and modifications.
  • Online document file archive eliminates extra time spent searching for missing files.
  • Accurate and timely work – Improved control and management leads to greater accuracy and shorter turn around times.
  • Timely and accurate billing and payroll – Online Billing feature facilitates timely and accurate billing collections and salary payments.
  • Transparency is maintained – You, your staff members and clients can generate billing reports, leading to transparency in your relationship with not only your employees but also with your clients.
  • Secured and redundant platform – Medikin Online is a secured and redundant web-enabled platform, which eliminates the need for you to change your dictation style.
  • Brand Recognition – Private labeling (co-branding) feature in conjunction with the efficient and advanced features of Medikin Online Enterprise helps you to build your company’s brand recall value among your existing and prospective clients.


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