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Customer Testimonials

"I have been using the Medikin system for a while now without any difficulty. The system is very user friendly, fast, and resourceful. It eases my mind knowing that not only is the system so effortless to use, but also the great support that comes along with it. My business has been doubling the past 12 months! I am very happy to have such a great relationship with Medikin and would encourage anyone looking for a system as wonderful as this to give it a try! Thanks Medikin!”
Nancey McMahon
NSM Transcription Services, Alabama

"Medikin has been an excellent provider for my business. What a great option this has been for me to expand my business. I am now a digital provider for accounts all over the country! I don't have to worry about HIPAA compliance, since they do it all, and the clients love the ease in uploading and downloading files. I look forward to a long business relationship with Medikin."
Mary Park, Owner
MedTrans, Arizona

"We have been using Medikinís Transcription Application Service Provider (TASP) as the foundation for our transcription services since early 2003. The web-based platform is excellent and very user-friendly. My clients (doctorís office, clinic or hospital) can see the status of their dictation and transcription at a glance and they have complete access to any and all records from anywhere that they have Internet access. I have control and notification of the status of all pending dictation, the routing to transcriptionists, QA or directly back to the client, etc. and even notification when transcription has not been completed within a designated time frame. Workflow is more efficient and turnaround times kept to a minimum.I would recommend Medikin to any sized transcription service, whether small or large, as an excellent choice to help you grow your business or simply make the one you already have more efficient."
Pamela Flutie, President
Central Valley Transcription, California

"My hospital has been using the Medikin platform for our transcription needs for over six months now. We have around 60 doctors and our previous vendor could not deliver a satisfactory dictation or a document delivery platform. Our new transcription vendor suggested that we try out Medikin Online. That was a momentous move! Medikin’s staff is very professional from marketing to sales to account installation to tech support. A Medikin sales rep even guided one of our doctor’s to use MS-Word, which was beyond the scope of his job. Now that is GOOD service! Our doctors are also interested in Electronic Patient Records and working on the files even from their homes and clinics. We now have a secured interface with features like audio-doc archive, online billing and Turn-Around-Time (TAT) reports. I just want to thank Medikin for reducing my work and making my hospital administration so much more simple."
Kathey, Director
McLaren Group

"The Medikin system has transformed my record keeping and style. What used to take hours now takes minutes. Whether charting, dictating a letter, or preparing a lecture, nothing beats the feeling of printing out that typed, emailed transcript of my clinical thinking and reveling in the efficiency of the process."
Chap Attwell, MD
New York

"The Medikin ASP platform is extremely user-friendly and HIPAA compliant. Your records and management reports are easily accessible, and the technical support and personnel are professional and second to none."
Lorraine Sopow

"Medikinís ASP service has made my transcription business run much more efficiently. With the web based service they provide, I am able to manage the work flow from any location. The practice managers are very happy with the improved TAT since I have switched to Medikin. From an administratorís standpoint, I can monitor the work flow and I love the billing report feature, no more counting lines! This is an affordable service and I would recommend it to other transcription companies."
Beth Eldridge, Owner
ProMed Transcribers, Georgia

"Our firm has utilized the Medikin platform for clients ranging from multi-site medical clinics to quarterly conference calls to single office lawyers and physicians. The ease of use coupled with the ability to handle a range of digital audio formats has made Medikin the transcription platform of choice. We look forward to growing our digital transcription services to the Canadian and Eastern United States and having Medikin as a key partner in that growth."
Roy Pathak
ParScribe Digital, Canada

"Medikin is an excellent online transcription platform, and even lets me use my own branding. The features like downloading recent transcription and searching for the old transcriptions are very easy to explain to my doctors."
B Singh, Owner
PhabTec, New Jersey

"Thank you for the fast, efficient service that you provide.”
B. Koneru, President
Capri Services, Michigan

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