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ASP Access from 0.5 CPL

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If you do not want to speak with a Medikin Sales Rep, you can access Medikin's Demo accounts ("Try-it-Yourself") or view the Flash demos here below.


Small MTSO (1-5 MTs): To view a Flash Demo click HERE (45 min)
Medium MTSO (6-50 MTs): To view a Flash Demo click HERE (45 min)
Large MTSO (+50 MTs): To view a Flash Demo click HERE (20 min)
Doctor/Hospital:TO view a Flash Demo click HERE(20 min)


Please follow the below steps to understand how easy Medikin's platform is.

1. Log into the Doctor's account.  Username: drjoe   Password: drjoe
2. In Doctor Joe's account, click on "Manual Audio Upload".
3. Hit "Browse" and select any type of voice file you want to test-upload.
4. Then hit "Upload Selected Files"-button and your file(s) will be uploaded to the MT.
5. Please LOG OUT (last link in the Navigation Menu).
6. To view the voice file(s) you've just uploaded, please log into the Transcriptionist account. Username: kellymt   Password: kellymt
7. In the MTs account, please click on "Download Recent Files". This will allow you to download the voice files to your desktop.
8. To upload a document, please hit "Under Transcription".
9. Click on "Browse" and select the text file you want to test-upload.
10. To complete the upload, click on "Upload/Approve Now"-button.
11. Congratulations, you have completed the entire workflow! The files should be uploaded and available for Dr Joe.
12. To view the Medikin Online ASP click here to log in. and enter above mentioned Loginname and Password.

To download our comprehensive PDF documentation about the different account types on Medikin Online, please click here.

Feel free to contact our Sales Department at 866-MEDIKIN or email at sales@medikin.com.


       Contact us at 866-MEDIKIN or info@medikin.com
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